Welcome to the Rattie Ratz Blog

In honor of Rattie Ratz’ 20th anniversary as a rescue organization, we’ll be posting a new blog topic each month in 2018. Check back to see the latest post!

January 2018: A Brief History of Rattie Ratz
Guess what?? Rattie Ratz is 20 years old this year!! 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the humble beginnings of this amazing rat rescue and community service organization. As I look back on the last two decades of growth and development, I have to say that Rattie Ratz was never actually “founded.” I’m considered the “founder” but I never intended to launch a rat rescue. Rattie Ratz *found* me. It emerged and evolved, on it’s own, through my innate attraction to domestic pet rats and my overwhelming desire and drive to help people… Read more