Q. Where is Rattie Ratz located?

A. Rattie Ratz is not a shelter, nor do we have a single location. We are a small network of fosters homes throughout and just outside of the Bay Area. The address on our Contact Us page is just a mailing address.

Q. How big is Rattie Ratz?

A. Rattie Ratz is a small non-profit domestic rat rescue organization. We are an all-volunteer organization, which means that no one is paid! We are a network of dedicated volunteers who work hard to help needy rats. Rattie Ratz generally maintains between 40-60 rats looking for new homes.

Q. What programs does Rattie Ratz offer?

A. Rattie Ratz serves the rats in our care, our adopters and the community. Our programs include basic adoptions, special needs/senior adoptions, sanctuary placement, educational resources, cages and supplies, behavior advice and general rat ownership support.  Rattie Ratz maintains cages for all animals, food, emergency treatment as required and humane, compassionate euthanasia when other efforts fail.

Q. When was Rattie Ratz established?

A. Rattie Ratz was established in 1998 by Diane Nesom. It became a federally recognized non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization, this year we celebrate 16 years of dedication.

Q. How is Rattie Ratz funded and governed?

A. Rattie Ratz is an independent, nonprofit organization supported by individual goodwill donations, adoption donations, surrender fees, and special events. Rattie Ratz does not receive funding from the federal, state or county government or any national organization. The agency is governed by a volunteer board of directors, which oversees an annual operating budget of about $20,000.

Q. What geographical areas do you cover?

A. Rattie Ratz generally serves the greater Bay Area. We are currently serving Sacramento on a limited basis. If you are unsure if we cover your area please ask.

Q. Where do you get your rats?

A. Our rats are mostly rescued from shelters. We do take in rats from individuals on a very select basis. We do not breed or buy rats under any circumstances. We do not get our rats from pet stores or other breeders.

Q. What does Rattie Ratz hope to achieve?

A. Rattie Ratz’s goal is to be the best place to adopt a pet rat. We want to be the community’s first choice whenever they want to adopt pet rats, have questions regarding the proper care and maintenance of rats, or have any other rat related need.

Q. How many animals do you place annually?

A. Thanks to donations and volunteers every year Rattie Ratz grows a little stronger and a little larger. We rescue and re-home about 250-350 domestic pet rats annually. We are pleased to say that we adopt out nearly all of the rats that we are able to rescue through our organization.

Q. How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

A. We have set adoption fees which can be viewed here. The adoption fees have been set to help cover the costs of medical care and other maintenance for the animals. We hope that when you adopt, you can also donate to help us save the lives of even more rats. Your donation is tax deductible!

Q. Why should I pay to adopt an animal at the shelter when I can get one for free?

A. It is better for you and your pet to adopt from us. When you adopt from our rescue, you get the services of our experienced volunteers. All of our adoptable animals are healthy, socialized, and our females are definitely not pregnant! We also have new and used cages and supplies available. We have lots of accurate information about rats and can reliably answer many of your questions regarding their care and maintenance.

Q. What’s the first step to adopt at rat?

A.  The first step is filing out an adoption application here. A volunteer will review the application with you and proceed based on your individual needs.

Q. How do I surrender my rat?

A. DO NOT SHOW UP WITH YOUR RAT AT AN EVENT WITHOUT PERMISSION. Instead, contact Rattie Ratz either by e-mailing, calling or showing up to an event to speak with us. The second step will be to fill out an intake application and turn it in to a volunteer. The volunteer will review the application with you and proceed based on your specific situation.

Q. How do I go about donating supplies to the rescue?

A. You can donate cages and supplies at our events. Please let us know ahead of time if the cage is large, so we can plan on how to transport it after the fair. A tax deductible item donation receipt is available here.

Q. How do I get a receipt for the monetary donation I made to the rescue?

A. All donations to the rescue are tax deductible, as we are a California Registered Nonprofit. A tax deductible donation receipt is available here.

Q. How can I volunteer for Rattie Ratz?

A. The first step is filling out the volunteer application located here. We are always in need of help. Please do not hesitate to contact us, as we have positions available for everyone.